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A collective vision to remake American society

The original document, written by Dr. Bruce Damer in November of 2011 and can be viewed here, was intended to be a public blueprint on how we might begin to remake American society. Please help us shape the blueprint by leaving us your feedback here, or on Facebook. The Manifesto, which started as a statement of one, will soon turn into the voice of millions who stand together in solidarity for the common good of mankind.


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Dr. Bruce Damer interview on Michael Zwerling's KSCO 11/19/11

Dr. Bruce Damer Interview on the Dr. Future Show 11/15/11

Comments from the Original draft on Facebook part 1

Comments from the Original draft on Facebook part 2

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Consensus Decision-Making: A Critical Capacity for the 21st Century (If you wish to be a contributor and editor, please first read this document and the blueprint, then contact bdamer@digitalspace.com, or admin with a statement of your intentions and proposals for refining the living blueprint)

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